Nomad 8001


LEATHER :Black/Tan Bartan Leather
 Buffao leather
 2.0 – 2.1 mm thick
SYNTHETIC :Collar & Bellows tongue in
 Black/Berritan Fodura
VAMP LINING :Non woven synthetic
QUARTER LINING :Brown Heelgrip 1.25mm
HEEL STIFFENER :Formosert C76 style 8001
FASTENING :Metal D-Rings
PIPING :Reflective Piping
LACES :Black/Brown 110cm
SHANK :Plastic
SOCK :Full antistatic footbed
LAST :Wide fitting
 style ERN
TOE CAP :470K Toe cap 200 joules.
INSOLE :Antistatic 2mm thick
BRANDING :Stuck-on Lemaitre Dome
SOLE :Black dual density PU
SPLITTING :Leather 1.8 – 2.0
THREAD :Twin ordinary stitch Brown/Black
FOAM :Collar 10 mm EVA
 Toe cap 3mm EVA
INSOLE :Strobel
SOLE :Black dual density
SABS :SANS 20345


logo  Parabolic  

Parabolic®: The first ever sole with a concave profile, a unique design for optimal grip and comfort on all kinds of surface

  • Non-slip 
    The concave structure of the ParaBolic® sole allows for the progressive deformation of the sole in order to optimise grip.
  • Antifatigue
    The recycling of energy as you walk gives you a feeling of dynamism and a springy effect for greater comfort and less fatigue.
  • Various designs
    The ParaBolic® design is available in various designs of technical sole.

Sizes Available:

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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